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Tick Release® is a unique technique for removing
attached ticks from the skin. It is designed for the active out-of-doors
person such as hikers and joggers, campers, hunters, fishermen,
ranchers and farmers. It is also effective on pets, Tick Release is
safe, effective, quick and easy to use. And, Tick Release is not poisonous.
Place just one or two drops of Tick Release on the attached tick.
Wait approximately one to two minutes, then gently remove the tick using tweezers.
Tick Release is available in two sizes as shown below…

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Tick Release card holds 1/5 oz.
5.50 + 2.50 (Shipping per bottle)
in a convenient size applicator bottle.
This size is perfect for purses, coat pockets, bike bags or just about anywhere.



Tick Release box size holds 1-1/4 oz in a slightly
larger applicator bottle great for tackle boxes, vehicle glove
compartment or hunting coat.

Price is $11.50 plus $3.00 /ea.

shipping & handling

1 1/4 OZ With Shipping