"I tried it and found it to be the only thing to work for removal"


Following are just a few of the many testimonials we receive. In fact, a substantial number of Tick Release sales are repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied users.

“I have tried everything on the market including repellants and have had no luck. After hearing about Tick Release from a friend I tried it and found it to be the only thing to work for removal.” R. Moore, Kansas

“We are writing to tell you that we have had great success in the use of your product. As owners of two dogs in an area where there is a heavy tick population, your product has made removal of ticks much easier. After the application of Tick Release, we have been able to gently and easily pull the tick out without harm or pain to our pets. In addition, we have used your product on ourselves with the same excellent results. Over the years we have tried many different methods of tick removal, but your product has definitely proven to be the BEST! Thank you.” - D & D Hoehn, New Jersey

” I have tried several different ways of removing ticks including gasoline, tweezers, petroleum jelly etc. all leaving me with the itch and irritation for months.  After using Tick Release to remove a tick I had no after effects from the tick bite. Thank you for a product that really works”. K. Stritzke, Oklahoma

“I really do want you to know how very happy we have been with this product. It works! and it’s easy! I absolutely detest ticks, but this Tick Release liquid is amazing. A drop or two of it on the tick, and the tick backs itself out! Amazing!! and we are very delighted.” - K. Golding, Ohio

“Several people have come back to buy a bottle of Tick Release for a friend or relative because the product really worked. the people who have used it said they did not have the itch and irritation normally associated with tick bites. Tick Release is a product that the people need to know is available.” K. Myers, Missouri

“I used the product while hunting turkey and wild hog this spring in Texas, the product worked very well in all endeavors. It is a fine product and works very well.”- R Barnett, Oklahoma

“Tick Release is a great product which I use on my “Yorkie” and myself and is very effective in removing ticks.” - R. Joldem, Missouri

“Thanks for a terrific product, pet stores carry prevent applications but not something when there is an attached tick. Yours works!” - J. Monaco, New York

“I have used your Tick Release product for several years and have found it to be an excellent and safe method of removing ticks from my dog and cats.” - J. Rabatoy, New York

“I first used the product on my 1-year-old daughter. she had gotten her first tick and I was very worried about trying to remove it from her squirmy little body. I applied the Tick Release and waited, magically it came out wholly with only a slight pull on the tweezers. The entire process was so quick and painless that my daughter didn’t even know when the tick was removed. The product was so gentle that no redness or irritation occurred. I would recommend this product to anyone. I know that our family will keep it on hand and will use it for all of our tick bites.” - H. Gillespie, Oklahoma